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Jun 2016
Are You Ready to Launch Your E-Commerce Store? Don’t Forget to Check These Five Things
  • Last Updated June 08, 2016 at 9PM

Are you also planning to enter the world of eCommerce? Well, this will certainly be an attractive business strategy to have your very own online market, especially when everyone around you is switching to this mode of doing businesses! But, are you ready to launch your online store?

Let’s have a look on the checklist. In the pre-launch phase, you need to have;

  • A clear idea in your mind about what products are you going to sell
  • Searched the vendor/supplier for you
  • Have sample products available with you

What next? You now land to developing your very own website for your online store; the most crucial step that may guide you towards the success/failure of your store. If you really want to capture the market, you need to keep a check on certain aspects for your link. Here are 5 must-haves for you.

  1. Attractive Design

Before making your web link live, make sure that your online store has a user friendly interface, and is compatible for displaying on multiple devices. An attractive design is the first thing to grab visitor’s attention. After that, the next thing that attracts customers is the convenience to open your web link on every gadget, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a PC. Furthermore, browser limitations should be avoided as much as possible, so that every user can easily access the website from anywhere.

  1. Web Content

Right from the introduction of your store, till the contacts page and banner ads, each and everything on your website creates an impression of you on the visitors (i.e., your potential customers). While developing web contents for your site,

  • the first thing you need to keep in mind is SEO to drive sufficient traffic towards your store. If there are any damaged links or pages with errors, resolve the matters as quickly as possible.
  • stay careful about designing contents for your “static pages”, such as your privacy policy, disclaimer, about page, support page, contact page, FAQs, and similar pages, since these are the least updated, but the most visited pages.
  • the contents of pages that direct towards your products must suffice all necessary details (such as product description, pricing, etc.), and must be accompanied with suitable graphics for attractive as well as descriptive appearance.
  1. Integration of Plugins and Add-ons

While you must include the option of online shopping on your web page, there could be several integrations to support you in this purpose. Make sure you have organized all of them properly, before launching your website. A few integrations that you might exploit are payment method, portal login, Email Software Integration, CMS, ERP, CRM, backend for database management.

  1. Test your links

It appears very annoying for a visitor when he/she clicks on a certain link on your page, and it appears dead or unresponsive. So, it is better to eliminate such issues by thoroughly checking your website in the pre-launch stage. There are several softwares available for you for this purpose, such as Google Webmaster Tools, Screaming Frog and W3 Validator. These tools will save your time to and efforts to manually heck your website.

  1. Check the Server

Last, but the most important thing to check is a strong server! If you do not have one, it then the effort of launching your website will go in vain. Thus make sure your server is efficient enough to handle the incoming traffic bulk on your site. Furthermore, make sure to have a backup always ready for you, so that in times of unexpected web crashes, your business won’t be disturbed!

Once you have gone through these 5 essential parameters, your online market will definitely be a successful business, beyond your expectations!


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