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Jan 2016
Can You Become A Great Web Designer If Using Stock Templates?
  • Last Updated January 14, 2016 at 10PM

The use of stock templates for building websites has greatly increased within the last few years and there are various reasons behind it. Two of the biggest reasons are that they are easily available on the internet and can easily be used for creating professional websites. In spite of various advantages, a lot of designers are still confused either they should be using this alternative way or not due to the concerns like it is killing the business of web designers and diminishing their demands etc.


Is Stock Templates Really Killing Web Designing Business?


Some readers might think it is a crazy question, but it is not at all and in fact, it is really imperative to know the opinions of experts. Different people may have different answers to this question based on their own experiences. As far as my opinion is concerned, I would say “No” because when it comes to initiate every project from the scratch, you really need to spend a lot of time which can be saved if ready-to-use templates are used and thus it is actually benefiting the business rather than damaging it.  This is what has made it the most preferred alternative source to create websites.


Web Designers Can Make Quick Money with Stock Templates


I personally know many designers who love this alternative and quick website building source and in this way, they have actually been able to earn much more money than ever before because they don’t have to start every new project right from the scratch and within a very short period of time, they are able to deliver the best to their clients as per their expectations. Though, it is never advised to kill creativity and originality only to make money, templates can still be used to learn new designs and ideas to do better things in the industry. It is empowering designers to be able to earn more money without investing lots of time and energy which is of course quite encouraging as it helps in progression of every industry.


Stock Trends and its Impact on Other industries


If you take the examples of other industries, you will realize that the same trend was adopted in the past about commoditization of items which were considered to be more expensive kind of services in the past. In fact, some experts are surprised why it took so long to become part of the web designing industry as it has become the most growing industries in the world. On the other hand, it is also important to mention here the concerns of other people, especially those who are advocates of creativity, original work and dedication in every project, taking it as a negative development within the industry.


Final Words


As a designer, you must give importance to creativity and unique ideas and using stock elements will actually help you get quick visual blueprints before you give a final touch to custom elements. Stock design templates will save you from hours of work that you have to spend in testing of custom elements and without any doubt, saving of time will be resulted into great and productive work.


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