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May 2016
Emerging Trends to Improve Online Reputation Management (ORM) of Your Company and Brand
  • Last Updated May 17, 2016 at 4AM

Majority of online marketers don’t understand how badly their sales can be affected with poor online reputation management (ORM). No matter how large you company is, it can quickly go down due to negative results in search engines. Therefore, it is quite important that one must never ignore terrible impact of negative reputation. For example, an internet user who might later become a potential customer of your brand search your company or brand in google but to his surprise, 6 out of 10 results about your company were found to be negative. In such situation, you can’t expect him to buy your products.


Emerging Trends to Improve ORM


ORM has a clear and very strong impact on your company’s overall annual revenue and therefore, it is highly important that you must do something to protect good image of your company on all popular online platforms. Here are some useful tips and advices that can help you manage your online reputation very effectively:


1: Search Engine Results Page


If search engine results page shows some of the links representing your brand, you must not take it as your success because there is a lot more that you can do by owning SERP. You can control SER pages and this will get you great advantages. Use effective strategies and try to bring positive results on top of the pages.


2: Brand Profiles on Social Networks


You might have created your company or brand profiles on social networks and now you must own and use them to improve your overall image on all popular networks. Though, some of the networks will work better than the others, it does not mean you should leave those which are not working very well because you can take advantage of every available network. Create your strong online presence as this will also help you prevent those who want to tarnish the image of your brand. Some social networks that can be highly effective in search results are:


  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • SlideShare


3: Employ Effective PR Strategy


If your current PR Strategy is only company news, you may never be able to get the real advantage of press releases. You must find some unique ways to talk about your brands. For example, you can have surveys how people use your products and how they are giving them benefits. You can talk about your partners in a particular project or a brand promotion campaign or you can sponsor popular events that have the potential to grab the attention of press.


4: Blogging to Improve Ranking


Another effective way to improve your online reputation is Blogging. Many marketing executives ignore the importance of blogging but they can really get advantage of it if used efficiently. Get a domain name that represents your brand and use professional approach to create a blog which contains positive information and news about your company, brand, products and latest industry trends. Blogging will not just improve your search engine ranking but will also attract online traffic to your business website.


5: Don’t Limit Your ORM Strategies


Don’t limit your strategies but go beyond the limits and find out the opportunities that can help your brands get noticed on internet. You should try to motivate your customers to express their opinions about your products that how useful these are for them. You can show clients opinion through videos as these can be highly effective in search engines. For this purpose you can use YouTube Videos which will cost you nothing but will definitely make a big difference in your overall sales.


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