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Mar 2016
Google Introducing New iOS Keyboard for iPhone Users
  • Last Updated March 29, 2016 at 2AM

As Google has decided to widen its domain from typical searches to the development of third-party applications, it is continuously looking for new ideas to launch interesting mobile-friendly apps to capture almost all Smartphone brands! In this connection, here comes another striking invention, the “iOS Keyboard”, specifically for iPhone users! Since Apple has introduced support for third-party apps in recent iOS versions, it seems Google wants to avail this golden opportunity to enter iPhone’s interface!


What Google iOS Keyboard Might Offer You?


We all are quite familiar with Android keyboard by Google; then why was there a need to introduce a separate version for iPhones? Certainly, Google has launched some new exciting options in a classical keyboard which makes it unique and more attractive for iOS users! Some of these are:


1: Gesture-based typing


Besides word prediction, which is a common feature for Android keyboards, this new iOS keyboard is adorned with gesture-based typing feature. This ‘floating’ typing experience was used to be a typical trait for ‘Swype’, a popular third-part keyboard app for iPhones. The users were much contented with this app as it predicts a range of words merely from the first and last letter pressed on it; it then provides all predicted words as options to the user! This certainly reduces the time required for typing, especially in case of long words! So now, Google has noticed this key feature and has adopted it for its own keyboard, with an intention to replace the traditional Swype. Now, we will see whether or not Google succeeds in competing well with Swype in terms of accuracy!


2: Direct Search Options


Another user-friendly feature, that has much more chances to attract more and more users, is the insertion of search options within the keyboard! As soon as you type a word, you can immediately look for it on Google right from your keyboard. Whether you are in messaging app, or in any other application that uses keyboard, you may enter into the Google search world without exiting your present app! This is indeed a new feature which no one has ever thought of in the past!


3: Instant Image Searches


Besides conventional text-based searches, now you can perform image searches as well from your keyboard. It provides separate search buttons for GIF and picture searches, so you can instantly search images with the word you want! Isn’t this amazing?


What’s the need of developing such a multi-purpose keyboard?


The main feature of Google remains its “search” option, which is also being exploited for its marketing strategies! Google typically saves your data related to your browsing behaviors so as to make the most relevant ads visible to you. This implies for both smartphones and desktop searches!


Since most smartphone users do not search much on their phones, Google was unable to get visibility on smartphones. Statistics show that most Windows and Android users tend to search more on their desktop counterparts, since all that they need to search manually is conveniently provided in the apps menu on almost all phones. On the other hand, mobile ads are more viewed as compared to ads on desktops! So, Google has planned to enter iPhone search environment not only as a marketing strategy, but also in an assumption to gain popularity on Apples! Launching keyboard, thus, turns out to be the most effective option!


Future Targets!


Innovation and adoptability are the key features of almost all Google apps. When it begins with the development of a handy keyboard app, this may also lead to combating Siri in Apple’s interface in future. Siri, the most powerful app may be knocked out if Google launches a similar app; after looking at the unique features of its new iOS keyboard, this does seem possible. Presently, it is relied on the popularity and usage of keyboard by iOS users.

Let’s see what happens! Good luck Google (though you don’t need it!).


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