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Jun 2016
Take Your Startup to the Height of Success with These Seven Digital Marketing Techniques
  • Last Updated June 26, 2016 at 9PM

Having one’s own business appears very attractive to this generation; but when it comes to entering corporate world practically, people face lots of hurdles. The biggest problem is to get your existence noticed in the market where business giants are already in rule. To have a strong beginning, you either have to have enough finance at your back – which is generally not possible, or you can take help from strong marketing strategies! The later can be an adoptable option since it is a cheap means of promoting yourself. Particularly, digital marketing techniques can make you visible in front of larger audience.

Here are a few quick tips for digital marketing that can definitely boost your business.


1: Create Informative Blogs


In the beginning, you may be a bit unsure as to whom you have to approach first. So, developing different blogs and articles stating about the “why’s” and “how’s” of your business can help you identify your targeted audience. You can link these articles to your website so as to become more convenient for your visitors to browse. Don’t forget to take help from SEO tools to make you visible on early pages of Google Search!


2: Email Marketing Strategy


Don’t be afraid – email marketing is not really ‘spamming’! With email marketing, you actually identify your target audience by taking help from database of similar businesses, and then you can send emails to them to let them know about you! Now make sure that the emails which reach their inbox are not only informative, but creative and innovative too. Including direct links of your social media pages, and your website can make your email more useful for the recipients.


3: Use Social Media


You all know well about LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and other such platforms; then why not use them for promoting your business? You may find several professional groups on these websites. Join the one whose category matches your work so as to reach the most relevant potential clients. Develop your own pages so that people can choose to connect you. You can also make use of Instagram Ads to promote your work.


4: Start ‘Remarketing’ About You


When you place your advert to one platform (say Google Adwords), try advertising yourself a bit differently on other platforms. Even if you are going to use the contents of the same presentation which was advertised initially, try amending it by rephrasing its language, or modifying its visual effects and other contents in a way that it looks like a new ad. This literally attracts more clients since this strategy makes you look influential in the market!


5: Include Innovative Content on Your Website


After you develop an official website for you, make sure to keep uploading more and more innovative content on your link to make it more appealing. Try adding different videos, images, stream links for relevant events, etc.; when your visitors stay busy on your website for long, their level of interest increases substantially.


6: Exploiting Pay-per-Click (PPC)


When you are investing all your efforts to market your business, it is your right to make some money from these efforts too! PPC techniques come handy for this purpose. Though Google can cost you high for this purpose, you may opt for other search engines that may be inexpensive for you, for example, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, etc.


7: Seek Feedback


Consider yourself as a customer for some product. What will be the first thing you will be interested to know? Its general impact and feedback from its users, right? Then why not use this strategy for your own business too? When you ask customer feedback, it makes you appear a responsible entrepreneur for whom clients come first, and who is enthusiastic to improve further! In this way, you will also get to know about the general public interest, their opinion, their demands, etc. Thus, you can have a clear idea about what you have to do in the next step!


Final Words


Once you begin with digital marketing, you just have to be careful about your first impression, i.e., how you define yourself, what’s your goal, and what are your future interests! When it is done successfully, you will find many more ways to become more and more prominent in the field.


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