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Mar 2016
Increase Conversion Rate with ENOSITE Testimonial Widget
  • Last Updated August 29, 2016 at 2AM

In these days businesses use variety of tools to promote their brands and products which is ultimately resulted into higher conversion rate and one of such tools is “Fully Satisfied Customers”. Yes, that’s true! A fully satisfied customer can become one of the most effective tools to help you grow your business through valuable and favorable testimonials.


As a business owner or marketer, you must understand the significance of this great asset. This is an inexpensive yet so effective method of letting potential customers know what your current customers think about you, your brand and your services and surely this will greatly help them join satisfied clientele of your business.


How Can You Portray What Customers Think About You?


You might receive a lot of reviews or comments on your website, but an easy-to-use widget will help you choose the best of them to add on your site along with images and videos. If used effectively and carefully, even the simple words can convince consumers to give you a try and this may be resulted into huge conversions. Testimonial widget can be an amazing tool to add to your website and there are a number of great things you can do with it such as:


  • You can add testimonials on your website to let new customers know why they should make purchases on your website.
  • You can give variety of reasons to new customers why they should trust you rather than moving to the other sellers.
  • You can easily highlight special and most completing features of your products and services through testimonials.


What Testimonial Widget is Right for You?


There are variety of testimonial widgets are available and many of them will cost you very little or completely free, but you need to know what could work best on the type of website you have. For example, if you are using WordPress CMS, you will have to choose the ones that can work best on WP sites or if you are using ENOSITE for your business, the ENOSITE Testimonial Widget will be the best option for you as it has been exclusively designed to work with this type of site. Some of its primary features are as follow:  


  • See list of all testimonials
  • Manage your list
  • Add a new text, images, videos
  • Publish, Unpublish or delete
  • Edit testimonials (Add name, designation, other specifications etc.)
  • Create categories
  • Sort by menu order, random, newest or oldest


ENOSITE Testimonial Widget is one of the most effective and the simplest ways to add new customer comments, remarks, reviews and text on your website to increase your sale. Learn how to add and manage testimonials on your site.


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