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Feb 2016
Make Your Website Lively, Attractive & Engaging with ENO’s Animated Slider Widget
  • Last Updated March 03, 2016 at 9PM

Sliders have become an imperative feature of the websites. Initially, these were used in a stationary form, but now they are used to make webpages attractive and engaging.It has actually made it a great fun to have simple yet so powerful animation on websites. However, you might not be able to understand its significance unless you clearly understand what is actually is


Let’s See What Actually Animated Slider Is


Animated sliders are actually text highlighters which overlay any image or picture and move consequently over your websites. These sliders perfectly highlight the content and statistics over any image you want. The most important thing about it is that it does not require you to pick up any codes or programming software. Animated sliders consolidate the graphics with content very smartly to help retain your customers on your webpage.


Main Purpose of An Animated Slider


The principle objective of the Animated Slider is to attract consideration regarding the things you need to appear on your site. Animated Slider does a phenomenal job of making your web pages look lively and attracts the required attention regarding the messages you need to get to your clients. Besides static pictures, you can also animate the content of the slide, from text to the appearance of numerous pictures on the slides.


The Animated Sliders can be created very easily in a short period of time by using various widgets which may also enable you to add motion to the content simultaneously on the sliders that you got and it saves a lot of time. As far as ENO’s animated slider is concerned, it is one of the simplest and easiest way to create fun on your website. Let’s have a look how you can create Animated Slider with ENO:


How To Create ENO Animated Slider?


If you want to add animated slider to your home page or edit the existing one, then follow the below given steps:


  • Click on ‘Widgets’ on ENO
  • Then click on to ‘CMS related Widgets’
  • Click on ‘Animated Slider’
  • Then, click the button of ‘Add New Slide’
  • Now enter a title and a description for the slide, and click the button ‘Browse’ to locate and select any image you want. Click the Visible check box. Click the button ‘Save & Close’.
  • If you want to remove a slide, then click the button ‘Delete’ beside its name.
  • If you want to hide it, then simply click the button ‘Hide’.
  • Now click the button ‘Save & Close’ or ‘Cancel’ to restart.


As we have mentioned earlier the goal of Animated Sliders is to present the products in an illustrative way to the visitors of especially sale or promotional websites; sliders are the best way to meet the goal.An animated Slider is a widget to create colorful animated slides. You canplace them on CMS pages to enrichthe visual presentation and grab the attention of the customers.


Key Elements of ENO’s Animated Sliders


The ENO’s animated slider widget has a number of settings that can create various splendid sliders. You can simply place them as widgets to any CMS page. Each slider can hold many slides with images and text information that you want. Further more, you can also add hyperlinks to each image or text block on the slide so that customers can directly go to the page you want them to visit. Some other useful features are as follow:


  • Create animated sliders or slide blocks
  • Add text blocks and images to the slides
  • Add hyperlinks to slide content
  • Place slider blocks as widgets to CMS pages
  • Customizable buttons and paginations
  • Customizable animation, size, fonts and colors
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Animation effects such as speed


Bring Life to Your Website with ENO’s Animated Slider Widget


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