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Sep 2016
Now You Can Create a Fabulous Contact Page with ENOSITE
  • Last Updated September 26, 2016 at 2AM

Don’t you know how to add a contact page on your website? We will let you know but before this, it is also important for you to know why every business website must have a contact page. If you are a startup business or someone with little technical knowledge or don’t know much about the significance of a contact form, we are here to help you get maximum advantage of this simple website design trick. Some people think that simply adding an email address on their website would be enough and serve the purpose well. However, they are absolutely wrong because an email address can’t replace the advantages of a contact page.


Why You Must Have a Contact Page on Your Site?


Most of the beginners or those who don’t have sufficient knowledge of website building often get afraid of the idea to add a contact form on their website because they don’t know about HTML coding. However, if you are using a template based on ENOSITE Website building system, you don’t need to know anything about codes because ENO offers drag and drop feature which are absolutely easy to use by everyone. Here are few advantages of putting a contact page on your site:


  • Get Necessary Info

When someone contacts you simply by sending email, he might not send you complete information that you need to answer his query or request. However, with the help of a contact form, you can easily get required information including contact details.


  • Save Precious Time

Despite getting desired information, you can also save a lot of your time. You can easily guide the users how they should take the next steps or if you want them to wait for a certain period of time; you can ask them to wait. In this way, they will not send you request after request.


  • Keep Spammers Away

When you give your email address on your site, you start getting junk email because spammers don’t miss such chances and send a lot of emails. However, when you use a contact form, spam bots run and regularly scrape your website. You can easily get rid of all emails from spammers.


ENOSITE Brings Ready-to-Use Business Forms for Users


When you add a contact page, it does not just make your website look great but you can actually come into quick interaction with your casual visitors who can be turned into potential customers. While using ENOSITE, you can choose any website template decorated with various business-ready forms such as:


  • Career apply form
  • Free estimate form
  • Newsletter signup form
  • Quick contact
  • Booking request
  • Event registration
  • Others


Having a contact page on your website will not just eliminate the problems faced by visitors and customers while they are trying to contact you but this will actually encourage them to send you their queries and requests by filling a simple form. Go to ENOSITE’s user guide to learn more about Contact Form.


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