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Jan 2016
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With the boom in the social media and a constant customization of social networks, innovation is not only taking place in technology, but also in the associated things such as expressions, phrases, acronyms and terms used by the followers of these social networks. These jargons can often hang you up often wondering about these social terms. However, for many people, practices like hashtag on Instagram, or posting a tweet, are common to do.


But there are many others who might want to brush up their social network knowledge as these numerous glossaries endeavors to help overpowered users of social networking, the extensive arrangements of terminology keep on growing. Hence, to make you aware of the social nuts and bolts, you need to look at the following glossaries of social networking sites to keep yourself aware of the current trends.Some major terms of the social networks you ought to know are listed below:


  • Influence: An Impression of Importance

By influence means the impact of any variable on another. Now an individual's online significance is estimated by the Klout Score, a measurement tool for an online impact.


  • Authenticity:

This term is used commonly to depict genuine individuals behind blog entries and profiles being used on other social networks.


  • Viral: Circulating Vigorously

Something which is shared or being circulated crosswise over these social networking sites which get along quickly by passing it on to many people. The videos on YouTube are an extraordinary example that goes viral.


  • B2B: Stands for Business to Business

B2B means when the business transaction takes place between two businesses.


  • B2C: Stands for Business to Consumer

B2C means when a transaction takes place between a company and a consumer.


  • Platform: A Forum to Express

A framework that brings about the content for instance for the bloggers to post their piece of writing, WordPress provides that platform or forum to them.    


  • Hashtag (#): A Symbol with Words

It is a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign, or a word or series of characters that begins with a number sign (#). It is commonly used by social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter to pinpoint posts on a particular topic.Identical hashtags can also be are gathered or group together into a hunt string. For instance, “How to create few step #Facebook #Marketing #Strategy for your #Blog”.


  • Blog: A webpage overhauled or upgraded much of the time by an individual or many people to post or record their viewpoint or any informative data.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Ranking of Search Engine

The procedure of sorting out your site in a way that gives it the most obvious opportunity with regards to showing up close to the highest point of internet searcher rankings.


  • Microblogging: Short Messages to a Microblog

A practice of making short and frequent posts via social networking account, enabling people with something to say to find an audience. The posts or statuses on Facebook statuses and tweets on Twitter are two of the common examples.


  • Transparency: How Credible Is the Source

Transparency is about how much one is honest or non-biased while giving his or her point of view, especially pertaining to blogging about a product, brand or the services. Social media clients hope to take part in obliging online discussions with people and organizations and try to be straightforward, but the thing is to consider that are we really that transparent in our opinions.


  • Wiki: Editable Sites

These are the websites which can be altered by different clients via the option of editing available on such websites, for instance Wikipedia.


  • Synergy: Cooperative energy

We can refer as basically a collaboration or a group work between organizations online to produce better output.


  • Web 2.0: Second Era of the WEb

Web 2.0 denotes to the second era of the web which implies that individuals now can blog and make sites without requiring specific specialized information and training of these stuffs.


  • Trending: A Predominant Style
A style, expression, or subject matter which is predominantly prevailing or in on social networks such as Twitter at a particular moment.


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