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Driving School Business-Flow

Matthew Perry
Please provide some information to use your Driving school widget, you should briefly outline the business-flow thanks!
Enosite .com
ENOSite Driving School features include:

1. Course Management
2. User Role Management
3. Certificate Management

Here are step by step guide to use driving school widget in a sequence:

01. Add your school locations
02. Add your driving courses
03. Add your course prices
04. Add your course schedules
05. Then you can add your latest course schedules to your website Home page
06. Add your Instructors information
07. Make your course payment plans for your students
08. Now run the evolution process
09. Make some curriculum plans
10. Add student’s registrations to your Driving School Manager
11. Monitor Students activities
12. Take a performance test
13. Observe students skills
14. Update students driving certificate status to your website
Matthew Perry
Oh, thank you it helps me a lot.
Matthew Perry
So what is the user role management?
Enosite .com
ENOSite User Role Management for our driving school allows you to manage your different user roles, namely Students and Instructors. When a Student registers on your website, their information is updated in the Registration menu in your admin panel. You can then go ahead and add that student or edit their details or remove it completely. Furthermore, ENOSite allows you to add/edit/remove Instructors to your driving school. You can add instructors as users from the Instructors menu in the admin panel.