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Property Management

Tammy Brich
Give me some tips for starting property management.
Enosite .com
Hi Tammy, you can start with adding your property owner information. Then you add the type of your property, area measurement unit, and then simply add a property information, upload images of the property condition, give some features if they are with the property.

Please see this video guide to start up with managing Real Estate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSYU9QjQR3o&feature=youtu.be
Tammy Brich
Oh, that's good, I understood now your Real Estate widget is so perfect to prevent disputes between our tenants and landlords.
Enosite .com
Yes, Tammy, You can create a full digital record of a property’s contents and its condition by adding photos of all items, which increase a chance to get your full deposit back when a renter moves out. As a landlord, you can do the same and have evidence to prove that you can rightly withhold some or all of the deposit should the property not be up to standard.
Tammy Brich
So, How would I get the report of a new property request from my clients?
Enosite .com
The property requests information will come to "Real Estate Manager (Property Request)" menu. You can also search a report of New property request from "Reports and Site Data (New Request)" option menu.

Regardless of this, there are four categories to filter specific property report:
Sale Commission Report
Rent Commission Report
Sold Property Reports
Rental Property Reports