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Brief steps to Publish Website

Dan Dolar
There are so many ways to publish a website, what is the easiest way to publish ENOSite?
Enosite .com
These two steps will help you to publish your ENO website go LIVE:

STEP #1:
You need to add "A Record" to a domain registrar and update your DNS (Domain Name System) settings, which let your customers to access your website in a browser by entering your domain name.

STEP #2:
Now go to the ENOSite control panel and select the "Publish Your Website" option from the menu. Uncheck the "Use ENOSite URL" option as you have your own domain now (you can use our Temporary ENOSite URL as well), enter your "Domain Name with www" and give a "Project Title" then click on the "Update" button. Thus, your website has been live. Enjoy ENOSite!

You can read this user guide for more details: http://community.enosite.com/widgets-detail?articleid=37a44069-72fb-40fa-a389-14cf69ac42d2