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How To Make A Slide Visible
To show/hide images, follow these steps:
GO TO Slide:
This How To assumes you are already at the slide you want to publish or unpublish.

Showing A Slide

When you add a slide image to your website it won’t be visible to visitors right away. You have to make the slide visible the slide for the image to be seen by all your website visitors. You can do this when you add your slide or later.
From the List of Slides, find the slide that you want to show.           This will be a slide         that is currently hidden. You can easily hover over the slide and your option to publish will appear.      Click on Show. The Slide Icon will now show “Live Slide”,         instead of “Hidden”.
UnShow slide:
UnShowing your slide is the reverse of showing. The only difference is that the options you see in the pop-up include UnShow.
VIEW A Slide show:
Visit your website’s homepage, and you will see your new slide show. Check and make sure that the appearance and order of your slides is correct. If not, you can go back and tweak the slides.
quick Tip

How Does My Slide Show Look?

After preparing your slide show, right away you’ll want to “see how your slide show looks” on the web. Using your browser, go to your website and visit your website’s homepage. You might have to “refresh” your browser to see a new slide show. And your slide show might even look different in different browsers or formats.
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