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Appointment Scheduling Manager

How To Edit An Appointment
To Edit an appointment, follow these steps:
GO TO Appointment MANAGER:
This How To assumes you are already at the Appointment you want to edit an Appointment.
To edit an appointment, select the Edit option from the pop-up that appears when you hover over the appointment listing. You will see a short form with some fields to fill out. Select the status if the appointment is done or not.         Enter the appointment title on        and select the customer        you can add a new customer immediately by pressing the green button labeled as “Add New Customer Information”. Update the appointment schedule and location information       through       . Check the option “Can share Pictures”        on the bases of the client agreement. Choose one or more available staff member on the particular event date/time       , you can also add a new staff member instantly by pressing the green button labeled as “Add New Staff Member”.

And when you are all done, click on the Update         to save your update.
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Save Your Work!

Don’t forget to update appointment status. The status is only updated when you click on the Update Status button and your appointment detail is only saved when you click on the Update button.
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