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How To Manage Your Website’s Color Scheme
Color Scheme Editor is the ENOSite widget where you manage your ENOSite website color scheme.
Navigate to Template Designer from the ENOSite Menu. You will see the two Template Design widgets. Choose Color Scheme by clicking by clicking on this icon, if it is not already selected by default
Experiment with new color schemes by clicking on color squares, choosing a new color and seeing the result..
SELECT COLOR SQUARE: Each color square in the Color Scheme Editor matches a graphic element in the Theme Preview shown below the Editor. Which element is controlled may be obvious – in the case with the square above the square controls the current tab selection, in this case the tab.
PICK A NEW COLOR: Using the Color Picker, pick a new color. You can use both the movable dot and/or the color spectrum to find the color you need. The two color squares in the lower corner of the Color Pick show the new color and the old color . .
SEE EFFECT IN PREVIEW: After clicking OK in the Color Picker, you will immediately see the effect in the Theme Preview. In this case, we have provided a “mockup”, showing the “Home Button” as half-red (the original color) and half-pink (the new color).

It’s a good idea to scroll up and down the Preview, you might see the effects on graphic elements in multiple places in your home page.
APPLY THEME OR RESTORE DEFAULT: You do have the option of returning to your original ENOSite Theme; however, if you are pleased with the Preview, clicking on the Apply Theme will save your work. Note that you’ll still have to Publish the changes.

Managing Company Information Changes

1. PREVIEW: All your color changes are immediately reflected in the Preview pane below the Editor. You can experiment to see what looks best.
2. HOME PAGE PREVIEW VERSUS CONNECTED PAGES: Your Theme Preview is your website Home Page. And the preview is “live” – you can click thru to connected pages, for example a blog posting. However, until you publish your Template Designer changes to the web, the connected pages will not include any of your proposed changes.
3. SAVE CHANGES: And lastly, you must save all the information you’ve just added or changed by clicking the Apply Theme button.