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How To Manage Your Website’s Company Information
Company Information Editor is the ENOSite widget where you manage your ENOSite website company information.
Navigate to Template Designer from the ENOSite Menu.   You will see the two Template Design widgets. Choose Company Information by clicking on this   icon, if it is not already selected by default
Next, in any order, change company name, company slogan or company logo.

ENTER COMPANY NAME: Enter your new or revised company name in the company name field of the Company Information Editor. (This change appears immediately in Preview.)

ENTER COMPANY SLOGAN: Enter your company slogan in the company slogan field of the Company Information Editor.(This change appears immediately in Preview.)

ADD COMPANY LOGO: If you are adding an image, you can upload an image from your computer. When you click the Change Logo Image button, you’ll see the Upload Image control and other familiar image control buttons:

Return to Company Information Editor by either saving or canceling the image you have worked on. (If you have saved the image, it will be immediately visible, including in Preview.)

Managing Company Information Changes

1. PREVIEW: All your changes, including text, logo and color, are immediately reflected in the Preview pane below the Editor. You can experiment to see what looks best.
2. LIVE OR HIDDEN: Whether an Information Element is “live” is indicated by the familiar icons. Click the button to change whether the element is shown or not.
3. SAVE CHANGES: And lastly, you must save all the information you’ve just added or changed by clicking the Save Info button.